Sparring Partner, Executive Advisor, and Navigator

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Sparring Partner, Executive Advisor, and Navigator

Our approach

In the realm of mergers and acquisitions, where interests are high and pressures relentless, demands are consistently urgent. For many entrepreneurs, the purchase, sale, or transfer of their business is profoundly impactful. Even for those seasoned in deal-making, the process can feel overwhelming. It’s during these intense periods that Schuiteman M&A – Corporate Finance serves not just as a sparring partner and executive advisor but also as your trusted navigator.

Result-oriented, people-driven

Experience and expertise

With our experience and expertise, we bring calmness to the process and make the strategic, financial, and operational impact clear. This allows you to gain the control you need to make the right decisions. Throughout this process, we never lose sight of the fact that a transaction is a means to achieve larger goals. We recognize that understanding people and having life wisdom are just as important as technical expertise. Our approach? It’s results-oriented and people-driven. Because we believe that balance takes you the furthest.

Formed and Rooted

Our roots

Schuiteman M&A – Corporate Finance was established in 2017 and has its origins in accountancy. It’s a world where relationships are built on trust, commitment, expertise, and integrity. As an independent corporate finance firm, we stand firmly on our own feet. At the same time, we still uphold the same values and cherish the collaboration with Schuiteman’s accountants, tax advisors, and business consultants.

Meet our colleagues

Our team

Robin van Denderen

Director M&A – Corporate Finance

Jan Louis Burggraaf

Director M&A – Corporate Finance

Abed Aftabi

Advisor Corporate Finance

Annuska Wolff

Manager Corporate Finance

René Schipper

Analyst Corporate Finance

Involved in 50+ assignments in 2023

20+ Company valuations per year

26% Cross-border transactions

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