Sell-side Guidance


Peace of mind and Balance in Selling your Business


Selling your company or transferring it to the next generation is a complex and often emotional process. It’s about more than just getting the right price. It also involves safeguarding your reputation and ensuring a positive future for your employees. At Schuiteman M&A – Corporate Finance, we bring calmness to this process and prioritize the people behind the deal. We ensure that your interests are protected throughout the sales process and assist you in making well-balanced decisions. This applies to both domestic acquisitions and cross-border deals.

What can we do for you?


From pre-deal advice to preparing an information memorandum, and from selecting suitable acquisition candidates to conducting negotiations and drafting transaction documentation, we are by your side at every step of the process with advice and support. You are always in control, but our corporate finance specialists take much of the work off your hands. Since we have financial and legal expertise in-house, we can act quickly at key moments in the sell process.

Assured of a Top-Level Advisory Partner


At Schuiteman M&A – Corporate Finance, our mergers and acquisitions team brings extensive experience to the table, having been involved in major national and international mergers and acquisitions negotiations. This expertise ensures focus and tranquility throughout your journey. Additionally, you can count on having a top-level advisor to consult with when making complex decisions, thereby increasing your chances of reaching a successful deal.

Involved in 50+ assignments in 2023

20+ Company valuations per year

26% Cross-border transactions

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